Dried Ingredients for a Huge Range of Applications

Pre-prepared meals, event caterers, chefs, domestic cooks, snacks, fruit and veg smoothies, plus many, many more…




Our versatile powders are available in various degrees of fineness

Depending on the requirements, they are instantly soluble and have a long shelf life

A perfect way to color your product naturally

It is also a great for adding intense flavors

Our drying process preserves all the flavors
and goodness, making your product both
delicious and nutritious



Whole fruits

We dry all our natural raw materials harvest-fresh and gently to offer you whole dried fruits and vegetables

Our products make it possible to combine the efficient industrial and artisan production of baked goods, desserts and other food products in the best possible way

We can provide whole dried fruits and
vegetables that will complement your
recipe perfectly

Flavor, nutrition and color are preserved
during our drying process, enhancing
your finished product



Slices, Pieces and Granules

We offer tailored solutions for a wide variety of applications and requirements for the various challenges you are confronted with on the market

Our products stand for quick and safe preparation and stand out because of their high level of convenience

Our dried ingredients and toppings can make your
life much easier

Perfect for businesses that use a lot of ingredients
and want to reduce waste 

With long shelf life and great flavors, our dried
products are popular with customers that don’t
have much time to prepare it from scratch


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